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The fisherman is highly sensitive to ecolgy: a river or a sea polluted and the fish disappear.
Love of nature is one of the main motivations for an angler, and he must comply.
Leave the area clean where you can fisheventually clean up litter left by others, limit the number of catches, are behaviors that are expected from civilized fisherman.
Because it is not the amateurangler, nor the artisan fisherman, who are responsible for the disappearance of certain species of fish, but the fishing industry with driftnets of several kilometers. And pollution of rivers is mainly due to the industry.
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Whale Thanks Rescuers

in the Sea of ​​Cortez, biologists help a whale to free from a fishing net which was choking her to death. In appreciation, the whale Valentina offers them a great dance of joy. Continue reading

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Otter Eats Invisible Fish

For lovers of otters, there are many, very short and very nice video, taken from a Japanese otter zoo : a nice animal that pretends to eat a fish that does not exist. Continue reading

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Baby Dolphin Thanks Fisherman

A baby dolphin was rescued on Friday (15) after getting stuck in a plastic bag near the Fort Itaipu, in Praia Grande , on the coast of São Paulo. The mammal was found by fishermen passing by.
The little dolphin was spotted struggling to get rid of a foreign object.
fishermen approached the animal and managed to pull it with a net. After bringing the mammal into the boat, they noticed that he was wrapped in a plastic bag and quickly got rid of it.
Upon being returned to the sea, however, a surprise! – the dolphin quickly jumped out of the water, as in a gesture of thanks to the fishermen. – See more at: Continue reading

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Bird Fishes like a Human

An incredible proof of animal intelligence: This clever little bird uses a piece of bread. to attract fish. Smart bird puts out the bait on the surface of the water and waits for a few seconds before landing himself one fry
And it catches one! Continue reading

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[source :]
Despite an increased awareness of overfishing, the majority of people still know very little about the scale of the destruction being wrought on the oceans. This film presents an unquestionable case for why overfishing needs to end and shows that there is still an opportunity for change. Through reform of the EU‘s Common Fisheries Policy, fisheries ministers and members of the European Parliament can end overfishing. But only if you pressure them. Continue reading

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Beached Shark Rescue

A man finds a little shark beached on the sand and tries to sa save his life. Continue reading

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Sushi Horror Picture Show

In the manner of a Japanese horror film of the 60’s, the sea creatures attack the man to avenge the destruction of the oceans. Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough is a story about the fabled McCloud River in Northern California. This movie follows the stories of three anglers and the river they love. Follow CalTrout Conservation Director Curtis Knight, CalTrout Ambassador Craig Ballenger and McCloud River fishing guide Ron Heart on a soulful and heart felt journey into on of America’s premier rivers.

Filmed by Keith Braunies and Mike E. Wier. Editing by Keith Braunies
Produced by California Trout. Continue reading

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Ecological disaster for albatross

(Source :
These photographs of albatross chicks were made in September 2009 on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific. The nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by their parents, who soar out over the vast polluted ocean collecting what looks to them like food to bring back to their young. On this diet of human trash, every year tens of thousands of albatross chicks die on Midway from starvation, toxicity, and choking.

To document this phenomenon as faithfully as possible, not a single piece of plastic in any of these photographs was moved, placed, manipulated, arranged, or altered in any way. These images depict the actual stomach contents of baby birds in one of the world’s most remote marine sanctuaries, more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent. Continue reading

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30 Dolphins Saved

On a beach in Brazil, tourists and guards help to save thirty dolphins running aground on the sand. A beautiful video. Continue reading

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Sharks vs. Humans

The shark has a bad reputation. But if 12 humans are killed by sharks every year, in the time between 100 and 270 million sharks are killed by men ! Continue reading

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Oceans figures

Infography on a very alarming state of the oceans in 2013: billions of people depend on fish resources for food, and it is seriously threatened by overfishing and pollution. Continue reading

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Protect trout eggs

To protect trout eggs, do not wade on gravel mouds in winter and early spring. Do tackle excessive silt inputs from drainage or bank damage (invasive plants or livestock). Continue reading

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Dolphin rescue

Injured by a fishing line, this clever dolphin requests for human assistance. A beautiful encounter undewater. Continue reading

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Just a short cartoon titled “Man” : looking at man’s relationship with the natural world. Our species is destroying everything that is alive on this beautiful planet. We are not activists or something, but as anglers

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Meanwhile, in Fukushima…

Yes, it’s photosopped 🙂 But the Fukushima plant could destroy our civilisation 🙁 Continue reading

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