Ecological disaster for albatross

dead albatros plastic wasteJune 8th is World Oceans Day, occasion to show you a terrible film … Thousands of dead albatrosses, adults as babies,their stomach full of plastic waste they could not digest. No object has been moved or handled, this video shows the harsh reality: waste of our civilization civilization  poisoned the birds.

The Midway Atoll, lost in the Pacific Ocean, 2000 nautical miles from civilization. A sanctuary for all kinds of seabirds, National Wildlife Refuge since 1988, a prime ecotourism destination for bird lovers. You can admire tens of thousands of albatrosses coming to reproduce in this little paradise … which became a hell.

albatross killed

Although far away from inhabited coasts Midway Atoll is located on the path of Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the seventh continent of plastic waste. Carried by currents, these trash are mostly disposable items: lighters, razors, causing the death of living beings who ingest them, birds, fish, marine mammals.

Photographer Chris Jordan observes the Midway birds since 2009. This inspiring video is a trailer for a film called Midway, intended to open our minds on the world in which we want to live in and what to bequeath to our children.
You can donate here to help Chris tu finalize the full movie.
When will we finally realize that we are on a beautiful but fragile planet, that our consumerist society can destroy ?

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