A scary video from NGO Ocean 2012. It explicitly addresses the dramatic problem of overfishing.
overfishingWith staggering figures: Over the past 60 years, stocks of large fish have declined by 90%.

The decline of all species caught is programmed in less than 50 years!

Did you know that 80-90% of the catches by factory ships are “collateral damage” and are rejected (dead of course) because they have no market value?
Watch this film, it is sobering.

no fish no future GreenpeaceTalking about the massacre of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean, where quotas far outweigh what nature can sustain, and are not even respected by the professional fishermen.

And aquaculture, fish farming, this is a very bad solution: indeed, carnivorous fish (sea bass, salmon, …) is raised, and you need 5 pounds of wild fish to produce 1 kg farmed fish. This all contributes to empty the seas.

Industrial fishing is ruining our planet, just for immediate cash profits, without worrying about the future of the resource.

This film aims to sensitize the population to intervene with their elected representatives, particularly in Europe. Feel free to share and make known around you.

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