Fishing with a Bikini Blonde

blonde in bikini holding a striped bassWhat to think about this video, in which everything seems fake. OK for music, tango is fun. But … This way of pretending to fish, this fight that is anything but a fight, this fish grip  useless on a striped bass ….
And above all the blonde: what is she doing on the boat? She look less like a fisherman’s wife than a girl rented for the day on a Russian escorts site.
I got it: this is just an excuse to show the girl and it works: over 5 millions views!

blonde girl holding a a striper with a fish grip

It was “Striped Bass Fishing With a Girl on Lake Lanier”.

I do prefer this other video, much more funny :
How to Get Rid Of  A Blonde When Fishing

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2 Responses to Fishing with a Bikini Blonde

  1. Peters Fishing World says:

    Lovely picture

  2. Jeff says:

    Great videos!