Whale Thanks Rescuers

whale thanks her rescuers and say hello with her tailA beautiful story, tears came to my eyes watching this video.
A fisherman seeing a young humpback whale caught in a fishing net alerts a group of scientists studying cetaceans in the region. When they arrive on the scene, they recognize her: this is Valentina, one of their young subjects of study.
First, they believe the whale died. But no, she breathes. They dive to break the net, it takes some time.

And that’s when the mammal is finally free the extraordinary happens: Valentina offers her benefactors a magnificent spectacle. For an hour, she multiplies the graceful leaps above water before stirring once more its tail to say “goodbye and thank you”.
Magical, simply magical.

Valentina whale slaps her tail to thank and say good bye to rescuers

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