Sharks Attack Marlin

sharks eat a marlinBig game fishing was good off Cairns (Australia), these men are reeling a 600 lbs marlin when one of them shouts ” Sharks going! Sharks going! “.
A gang of tiger sharks attack the marlin and devour it in a few moments : incredible rapidity and ferocity of the attack! Sharks just leave the head of the poor marlin, which is also a predator and has fed with smaller fish during its life (life ending here).

marlin's head after devoured by sharks


This happens often, the predator taking advantage of the weakness of the fish caught on the hook, it is an easy prey. It is not uncommon in the river to bring a fish and to see a pike stealing it. But here, between marlin and tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier), it is another dimension, with the size of these sea monsters.

  • Marlin Shark Attack
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  • Marlin Attack
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