Blue Whale Fart Bubble

Always a pleasure to instruct you, here is a scientific information of the utmost importance.
The Blue Whale is the largest animal on Earth, up to 30 meters long and 170 tons. The whale is a mammal, like you and me, but bigger.
A blue whale can ingest up to 8 tons of plankton per day, eight tons! You can imagine that with such a diet, gases accumulate in the gut,  and these gases must be evacuated.
Yep, like you and me, whale farts. But as it lives in the water, these gases are released as bubbles, just like when you enjoy farting in your bath.
And impressive fact: Blue Whale’s fart bubbles are large enough to enclose a horse!

whale fart
Some facts about whales farts (source : :

Do whales fart?

The short answer is yes,
whales do indeed fart,
flactuate or pass gas depending
on how it’s phrased.
In fact passing gas is a common characteristic
most mammals have in common.
Gas allows humans and other animals
to release air that is trapped
inside the stomach.

This air comes primarily from two main sources.

The first comes from oxygen that is pulled in through the air either while breathing or taking in food or water.

The second comes from food that is broken down by enzymes, stomach acids and bacteria in the stomach.

In order to release these gases animals need to expel them from the body and for most mammals this means the gas has to exit through either the mouth which causes burping or through the anal tract which causes farting.

The gases that are expelled from a fart… read more at

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