Flying Mako Shark

mako flyingA fishing competition, the Flying Mako, July 20, 2012, off San Diego, California. The Flying Mako Fishing Tournament is an event organized to promote the safeguarding of mako shark, and the rules are strict: fly fishing only, barbless hooks, catch & release.
Fly fishing  but the Mako can also “fly” as demonstrated on this video: a mako shark, estimated 10 feet (3 meters) long and weighs 400 pounds, runs a dozen prodigious jumps out of the water before escaping.
Great moment of excitement for these young anglers: “Yeaaaahhh” “Oh My Gooood” “Holy Shiiiiit” 🙂

fly fishing mako shark

This competition, as well as everything tending to save sharks is welcome. Mako is part of the family of great white sharks. Being one of the few sharks edible, it was overfished and is endangered. Yet it is a super predator whose survival is essential.

  • Mako Shark
    Mako Shark
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