Fish Geyser

fish from hole in iceRussia, on a frozen lake, a hole is formed in the ice and lots of fish jumps from it: hop hop hop.
We think it is the pressure differential that brings them out, and they foolishly land on the ice.
Anyway, a godsend for guys who have to bend down to pick them up.
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give a man a fish geyser and you feed him for a lifetime 🙂

fish from hole in ice in russia

  • Cartouche Aragon pour filtre de robinet Geyser Euro, remplacement du filtre Geyser Euro.
    Disponible, compact. Durée de vie: jusqu'à 3000 litres. Purifie l'eau du robinet à + 70 ° C Nouveau matériau de fabrication de matériaux.
  • Fish Out of Water
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