the Largest Trout

biggest trout of the worldThis is not the largest trout ever caught, but it’s the biggest trout ever filmed. A monster : 41.7″- 35Lbs (1.06 meter – 15,8 Kg) !

Watch the video of the last 10 minutes of this clash of titans that lasted more than an hour:

trout world record

The angler : Frederic Zanella is a french young angler living in eastern France and specialized in huge trout fishing. Did you notice he fishes without a reel ? He uses a wooden frame to wrap the line, an ancient technique still used in Switzerland. At one point, trout breaks the line, and it requires all the technical expertise of the angler not to miss. The Artist, oscar of trout fishing.

The trout : this trout was caught in July 2011 in Haute-Savoie (France), an area where there are many. The reason is that these trouts born in small rivers, then join the nearby Lake Geneva . In this lake, which separates France from Switzerland, they may fatten up and reach enormous proportions. And when these trouts return to their natal streams, they are big lake trout. But this one it is truly exceptional: 41.7 inches ! 35 pounds !

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3 Responses to the Largest Trout

  1. Arliss says:

    nice fish. heck of a battle especially with no reel! I would have liked to see him live release it however

    • pecheur says:

      Better not to release a trout of this size. Large trouts become cannibalistic and may eat the younger trouts. not so good for the river.

  2. Incredible trout. Amazing. Beast. Nice job.