Huge Steelhead

huge steelhead with captain QuinnA big steelhead trout caught by a Captain Quinn’s buddy:
Length 40 inch
Girth 20
Estimated weight 20 lbs
What a fish! And a pleasure for this band of happy anglers!

captain Quinn and pal happy after catching a big big steelhead


Well done guys, not so far from the record.
The present world record steelhead was caught in the Hoh river, Washington, USA by a gentleman named Peter Harrison on a spey rod. The giant officially weighed in at 29.5 pounds. and is recognized by the International Game Fish Association as the new world record steelhead.

The previous world record for 8 kg tippet was a 28-pound fish caught by Chuck Stephens on the Skeena River on 20 October 1985, 24 years ago.

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