Fishing opening day in Dogon country

We often complain that the opening day of fishing leads to a f*** congestion along rivers.
dogon fishing ritual
But see how it goes in Mali:

After watching this amazing video, it’s good to give some explanation.
This is a sacred ceremony of the Dogon people.
We are in Mali in northern Dogon country. Near the village of Bamba there is a lake full of fish, but fishing there strictly prohibited throughout the year, except for one day a year: the sacred day of fishing known as Antogo.

In the past, the whole area was covered with green forests, and the lake was regarded as populated by good spirits, providing abundant food fish. Because of climate change, the surroundings were desertified, and only remains this lake as water point, which has a strong cultural significance to the Dogon.

The day of Antogo, hundreds of men (women were not allowed to participate) gather around the lake from all over the country. At the signal, they rush into the water, catch fish by hand, and in fifteen minutes the lake is emptied. The fish are then given to the oldest man of Bamba, this wise man  will ensure an equitable distribution among all villages.

African fishing

This ritual symbolizes the unity of the Dogon people, the absence of conflict, and the sharing of common resources.

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