A Dog Catches a Salmon

dog catch salmonSalmon has a particular cycle of life: born in the river, often in a small stream. It then descends the course of the river to the sea, where it lives and grows for years.

When the time comes to reproduce, it follows back up the course of the river, and the river and the creek to spawn in the same place where he was born.
It is thought that salmon guides with its highly developed sense of smell to find his way.

Salmon is able to jump over obstacles, or as in these videos to cross flooded roads. And the first one, a dog takes advantage and fishes a salmon like a bear.

a dog slmon fishing like a bear


The Skokomish River in Washington State, USA, is frequently flooded, and there witnessing this spectacle of Pacific salmon crossing the road.

Why did the salmon cross the road?
Because its instinct leads it to go again in the same place where it was born, and it is guided by its smell.

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