Bathing with Piranha

bathing with piranhasNo, this man is not crazy, not at all.
This is Jeremy Wade, who is a biologist and extreme angler. He frequently engages in experiments on his show River Monsters on the Discovery channel. Scientific and supervised experiments,  in order to demonstrate certain aspects of his passion for freshwater fish.
Here: what initiates the attack of piranhas? We know that the blood attracts piranhas, can be seen soon as he pours some into the pool filled with piranhas fasting for 2 days. And a piece of meat initiates the frenzy of carnivorous fish.
But when Jeremy gets himself in water, quietly and without abrupt gesture, he does not interest the piranhas.

pool full of piranhas

In fact, piranhas are aggressive when the water temperature is high and the rate of nitrate is important. Therefore there is no risk in a cold and clean pool. In addition, between the time they were running after the steak and when Jeremy Wade enters the pool, piranhas were generously fed.
But nevertheless not try in your local pool.

Another vid with Jeremy Wade : fighting a 80 lbs Tiger Fish

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