Alien Fish from New Jersey

lampreyA fisherman took out from the waters of New Jersey this strange creature rather disturbing. This huge disgusting mouth is reminiscent of many horror movies.
This photo is the buzzing these days on the Internet, and raises many comments: have landed the extraterrestrials ? Are there Aliens among us? These monsters from outer space are they going to invade Earth and to eat us, making mankind disappear??? …
Is it the END OF THE WORLD??? …
alien fish
Well, no, this is an absolutely earthly creature: lamprey. This cyclostome fish (at the mouth in a circle) is a kind of parasite. It uses its funnel-like sucking mouth to be fixed on other fish, and its teeth to pierce their skin.
Then he sucks their flesh and vital fluids. Just like tax collectors, the only real aliens living on this planet!

lamprey fish

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3 Responses to Alien Fish from New Jersey

  1. James Fitzgerald says:

    I caught one of these on a fishing rod one time. I only got it half way up to the pier when the line broke but I will never forget that round mouth with all the teeth coming out of the water.

    • pecheur says:

      In the south west of France lamprey is a much appreciated by gourmets and there are many ways to eat this fish. Personally never tried, but they say it’s tasty.

  2. Lenny says:

    Seen them in the west branch of the Delaware River .Big & Nasty. There is something for the bow hunters to go get.