920 Pound Tuna off Cape Cod

bluefin tuna 920 lbsJuly 31, 2013, off Cape Cod (Massachusetts), these three men had booked the boat Huntress from the National Geographic show “Wicked Tuna”.
They hoped to catch tuna, but not as big as 920 pounds (417 kilos)!
It was actually their lucky day, because the fish took the bait after 15 minutes, then it usually takes a day before hoping to hook one.

Ensued an epic fight of three hours, each one relaying to keep the tuna and reeling when they could. This fish had so much energy that all the fishermen who had fought it had their arms in tatters! “”I couldn’t believe the power of this thing. It almost ripped my shoulder out. It looked like a whale, just an absolute monster. But we did it.” said on of these lucky fishermen.
The video of the ending fight:

record tuna caught

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