Sympathy for the Marlin

black marlin australiaA big game fishing video, shot off Cairns, Australia.
Near the Great Barrier Reef are captured and released two black marlins of 600 pounds (300 kilos) each.
Sport fishing, on the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil

big black marlin

Not to exhaust the marlin, and to release it healthy, anglers hurry to bring it the along the boat, then cut the line. The lure and the hook will be removed after a few days by the fish’s natural defenses.
Black marlin is a beautiful fish, and can reach the record weight of 1500 Lbs.

big game fishingVideo by the photographer Dean Butler

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2 Responses to Sympathy for the Marlin

  1. grezolle says:


  2. beaulieu says:

    Vu comment le premier marlin saignait, il a peu de chance de survivre, dommage pour un si bel animal.