Shark Hook Removal

hand in jawsCristina Zenato is fascinated by sharks since childhood and expert on shark feeding in the Bahamas. She transmits her experience on squales to all those who want to meet them, and is frequently snorkeling with novice or experienced divers.
“In my daily work and dives with sharks I am always removing their hooks. In this particular case it was harder then usual. After putting the shark in tonic I had to pull it from deep inside.”
Respect for this Lady:

hook in shark jaw


Who is christina zenato, and what she does to educate people about sharks :

Born in Italy, Cristina Zenato grew up in the rain forests of 1970’s African Congo until the age of 15, and naturally developed a love of the outdoors. Her tremendous passion for the ocean surfaced at a young age, and following her love for the water she journeyed to the Bahamas for work, and learned to dive..

16 years later she is still proudly working for The Underwater Explorers Society, and from her humble beginnings as a Scuba Instructor …. [read more]

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