Sea Lion steals Monster Fish!

funny sea lionIt happened a few days ago in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Returning from fishing, the guys pose for a photo with two beautiful mahi-mahi (dolphinfish).
Out of nowhere, comes “Pancho“, the sea lion that everyone knows in the port, and presto, he steals one of the two (huge) fish!
Philosopher, the fisherman laugh “that’s a crime!” 🙂

sea lion stealing dolphin fish

sea lion steals fish, video

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One Response to Sea Lion steals Monster Fish!

  1. Tomas Elray says:

    Seals name is Poncho, huge out of the water, likes to ride on the transoms of the sport fishers cooming in with Gringos catch we feed this seal a few bait fish this way last week. Viva Lo Cabos