Fishing for Dog

angler fishing a puppyA kidding, or more exactly eco-funny, video.
Before … Before there were fish in the rivers, says Captain Quinn. Whatever you were using, you caught fish.
And then the lakes have been replaced by parks, rivers became highways, automobile traffic has increased and the fish has declined.
So the solution: fish dogs 🙂

dog fishing

Beyond the wild side of this video, Captain Quinn wants to convey a message: what will the fishermen when the fish have disappeared?
The profession of faith on its dedicated to fishing and outdoors website is clear: “Get in touch with nature.  Share the countless exciting opportunities offered  by the great outdoors.  Observe this unique beauty in its raw purity.  Recognize yourself as a part of this gigantic interconnected circle.  Work to ensure that this diverse beauty will always be among us.”

  • Fishing Dogs: A Guide to the History, Talents, and Training of the Baildale, the Flounderhounder, the Angler Dog, and Sundry Other Breeds of Aquatic Dogs (Canis piscatorius) (English Edition)
  • Fishing Dogs
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