Electric fishing fail

electrocuted while fishingElectric fishing is evil! At least according to our Western standards. Here we are in Vietnam, Quang Vinh Loc district. This man uses electric fishing probably to feed his family , we do not judge. He hacked his little equipment, not well developed, and receives an electric shock. He fell backwards like in a cartoon with a pretty funny scream , despite the gravity of the accident.
His cousin (the guy filming) just had time to disconnect breaker to save him from certain death. The poacher had both hands severely burned.

electrocution fishing

  • Daiwa (Electric Reel Leo Blitz S500J
    Rapport d'engrenage : 3,7 Poids : 795 g Force de traction maximale : 15 kg Enroulement standard, brillant (PE) (n° -m) : 4–500, 5–400, 6–300 Enroulement standard : nylon (No. - m): 6-350, 7-300, 8-250 Roulements à billes / Rouleaux : 7/1 Force d'enroulement maximale (kg) : 65 (Super Lithium utilisé : 72). Vitesse d'enroulement normale : 1 kg de charge (140 m/min) (Super Lithium utilisé : 154). Accessoires : goupille filetée, joint japonais/cordon d'alimentation (noir)
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2 Responses to Electric fishing fail

  1. Xai Her says:

    Dude, say you don’t judge and then you call him a poacher. It’s not poaching when you are feeding your family and you don’t have law against it. You’re mad.