Barreleye Fish

macropinna microstomaDo you know this very strange fish, a curiosity of nature ? Macropinna microstoma or Barreleye. This is a small fish, 15 cm, which lives in fairly deep water, between 600 and 1000 meters deep.
What we see over its mouth, not the eyes, but the nostrils.
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Meanwhile, in Fukushima…

Fukushima ecomlogic disaster

OK, we laugh, this photo montage Continue reading

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Love Song for a Dry Fly

fly fishing in New ZealandThe Swedish team of enjoyed a trip to New Zealand to film and record this little gem: A dry fly love song

As always, great pictures of fly fishing. And a beautiful song composed home.
It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, it’s peaceful. Continue reading

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Gangnam Style Fishing Dance

gangnam style fishingThe friendly Captain Quinn in one of his great moments
A very good flyfisher, a great defender of the environment, and also a huge prankster.
As right now you can not escape the Gangnam fashion, he shows us a little demo of dance in the river. A great opportunity LOL, do not miss it 🙂 Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to you, buddies 🙂 is a french community of anglers, we shere here our passion for outdoors, fishing and fish. As evebody don’t understand french, we just launch now our english version. Welcome to you

happy new year 2013

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