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Amazing Street Art

Amzing Fish street-art on a house. If you know where it has been painted, please comment.

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Fishing in Photoshop River

There are so many photoshopped fishing pic on the Internet… this one is on purpose

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Fishing Girl Catches Sailfish

OK Darcie aka Darcilizze is pretty, in her black bikini. But before all, she’s good in fishing! Watch her catching first a tuna, then fighting a big sailfish before releasing it. She tells us some good advices for a better more »

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RIP Lauren Bacall

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall with Large Perch in Africa, 1951

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Happy 4th of July

For the 4th of july, a photo montage: the statue of Liberty holding fishes. Continue reading

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SIFF13: Islands

SIFF13:Islands is the fifth edition in a series of independent projects to capture a year spent fly fishing surf and inshore waters . “SIFF” is simply short for Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing.
These projects are all self shot and edited, the primary purposes are to archive time spent on the water to remember it for years to come, for my children to have for so many reasons it is impossible to write just one, and to share with like-minded fishermen and anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of the oceans. Continue reading

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Carp World Record

A new world record carp fishing in France : 77.06 lb, in competition. The biggest mirror carp ever caught. Continue reading

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Whale Thanks Rescuers

in the Sea of ​​Cortez, biologists help a whale to free from a fishing net which was choking her to death. In appreciation, the whale Valentina offers them a great dance of joy. Continue reading

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GEOBASS Mexico part 1

The 4 GEOBASS fishermen, travelling for Costa sunglasses, are in Mexico, fly fishing for bass. The first part of their adventures in narco’s land. Continue reading

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Fishing Buddies

One of the finest videos of fly fishing, because some fish are caught, but especially there is camaraderie, friendship, good mood. 11 minutes of pure happiness in this film fly fishing. Continue reading

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